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120 viewsI was in one of the many cemetaries they have and I think this water buffalo was trying out for a reindeer position. Hes still a little shy in this picture.
99 viewsOne of my favorite shots of the trip. The smile says it all.
113 viewsShopping for material in Hoian for some new silk Santa duds. What a deal order one day custom made and ready the next day. Beautiful.
102 viewsMost of the pictures of the children were taken in a small village just as school let out. I never had a chance to leave our little van.The kids just keep coming and trying to get in the van. I'm not totaly sure if they knew what to think of me but they sure had fun.
89 viewsHelp! I'm being attacked by a vicious street gang.
103 viewsThe smile says it all.
100 viewsThey were sometimes a little shy, but not for long.
90 viewsSchools out.Actually it was great to see all the schools through out the country. All the kids we saw wore this same uniform.
95 viewsI got a couple of job offers to model for some of their statues. This was taken near Marble mountain. There are a zillion billion shops dealing in all kinds of marble carvings.
88 viewsHard day minding the store.
96 viewsCute girl, but a little sloppy with the popsickle. They melt quickly in the Vietnam heat. She offer Santa a bite but I declined, counting the calories you know.
107 viewsSanta comandeering his river boat.
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