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My Original Portraits


These are all "portrait-like" pictures taken in a studio setting, but Santa's not one to sit still. Be sure to check-out my "On-Location" shots, too. Check out all the albums and let me know if there are other type of photos you would like to see on this site. Keep comin back cuz we keep addin pictures.

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Santa's New Suit


Santa has found a great new place to shop for custom made suits. It's the Magic Wardrobe in San Leandro, Calif. Check out their web site for all kinds of costumes and funwear. Liz and Mark will get you the look you're looking for. Santa plans on going back every year. If you go online tell Mark and Liz that Santa sent you.

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Santa goes to VietnamIn April of 2005 I visited Vietnam with my friends Curt and Brian. The country is beautiful and the people are very gracious. I was not prepared for the warm welcome that we received everywhere we traveled.
We traveled both North and South and were almost always greeted with friendly smiles and laughs. I was called Papa Noel on many occasions even though I was traveling in civilian clothes.
I did manage to get a couple of silk Santa suits made while we were in Hoian.
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Vietnam Photos


I just had to add some of the photos from our Vietnam trip just to show some of the reactions we got from the kids.

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On Location
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Original On-Location Shots


Sure... I love to be out on location. All work and no play kinda goes against the whole spirit of Christmas, doesn't it?

I hope you enjoy this small sampling of "on location" pictures!

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In The Studio
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More Sears Portrait Studio photos 2004


Santa spent a couple of days at the Sears Portrait Studio in Carlsbad, Ca, in November of 2004. They do a great job and all the staff is wonderful with children. Santa had a great time and will be at even more of their studios in 2005. Check with the Carlsbad, La Jolla, Laguna, and Carmel Mountain studios and ask about the dates for your photo sessions.

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Fun at Sears 2005


Well we did alot more Sears studios in 2005 and we had alot of fun doing it. Some of the photos in this album are of some of the staff at various locations and some are of kids. The staff are the older looking ones. I hope it was a successful year for all the locations I visited, I certainly enjoyed all the staff members and we had a great group of kids this year. Please come back to visit this site to see if Santa will be at a location near you in 2006. Santa hopes you all had a great Christmas and wishes you a very Happy New Year.

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Sears Portrait studio 2005


Santa will be doing alot more this year at the Sears portrait studios. I will be doing several malls in the San Diego and Orange county areas. Call your local Sears portrait studio to see if and when Santa will be there. Hurry, my friend Cory at the Carlsbad studio says they are booking up fast. Santa would love to see you and you will have a ball with the staff at all the Sears portrait studios.

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Sears Studios 2006


Well 2006 is over and done and here are a few shots from some of the Sears portrait studios in the Southern Calif. area. I may be visiting some of the studios again this year so keep coming back to my site and check and see if I will be in a store near you. It was really great having so many return visitors from the past seasons. I hope to see you in 2007

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Sears Tustin 2006


Big is not always better. The Sears studio in Tustin is proof of that. It is a small studio but we had a great time and met some wonderful families.
The staff is teriffic and we got some great shots, some of which I will share with you in this album. I will look forward to working with Christina again this year and we hope to see alot of our kids again. If you were with us last year please come back, and make sure to tell your friends about us too. Check the studio to see what day Santa will be there and make your appointment early. See you in 2007

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2006 Schedule and promo


I was back at even more Sears locations in 2006. I have remove the schedule since it is history, but this albums contains some of the promo shots we used in 2006, as well as several shots of Santa with some of the managers from around the Southern California locations. Lets not forget Yuma, Az either. We had a lot of fun in 2006 and thank everyone for a successful season. If you came to see me in the past make sure and contact your studio and tell them you want me back. Make sure and tell your friends about the great pictures you got from Sears, well duh, better yet just show them the pics. Hope to see you in 2007. Have a Merry Summer. Santa

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Just Santa Laguna Hills Studio 2007


These photos were taken at the Laguna Hills Studio in 2007.
These are just some fun shots of Santa alone, taken by Angela.
I hope to post some more photos from the 2007 if I get any CD's sent my way by any of the studios. Please contact me through my web site to see where I will be in 2008. I am never sure where I will be appearing but if you contact me I will do my best to make sure you get the photos you want. I thank all the customers who have given me so much support over the past four years. I hope to see you all in 2008.

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Santa discovers Cupcakes.


The photos in this album are some shots we did for a local cupcake company. The photos are by Sears Portrait studio in Carlsbad,Ca.
As always they did a great job.
If you need Santa to help advertise your product, cause, or event please
use the contact Santa form on this site. I will do the best to fufill your needs.

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Original In-Studio Shots


Santa spent a couple of days in December, 2004 visiting the Sears portrait studio in Carlsbad, CA, where this series of photos were taken.

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Sears Brea 2009


The staff and Santa had a little fun taking a few shots before all our little guests arrived. The staff at Brea are a great group to work with.

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Fun with digital manipulationWith digital photos anything is possible. We hope you have fun viewing some of these photos that have been enhanced through the use of Photoshop. Get creative with some of your photos this Christmas. If you enjoy these photos please use the contact Santa form and let us know. We will try to add to this album on a regular basis so keep coming back to visit, and tell your friends about
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Fun stuff.


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